Dr. Carrington

M.P.H., M.B.B.S., B. Sc.
Director, Treatment and Care

Dr. Debbie Carrington started her post internship medical career in 1999 at the Kingston and St. Andrew Health Department. She remained there as a Medical Officer until 2003. While there she worked in many of the over forty health centres and realized her love for primary health care and public health.

She completed her Master of Public Health Degree in 2003 then returned to the Kingston and St. Andrew Health Department as a Medical Officer of Health. During that period she managed several parish health programmes including HIV/ STI Prevention and Control as well as the Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV. She also became a Trainer with the Caribbean HIV/ AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART) and a certified Voluntary Counselling and Testing Provider. Her transition to the National HIV/ STI Programme in 2006 was a natural one where she is now serves in the capacity the Director - Treatment and Care for Persons Living with HIV.

The prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (pMTCT) Programme continues to make significant gains. Routine opt-out HIV testing of antenatal clinic attendees resulted in testing of over 90% of pregnant women. More than 90% of HIV-exposed infants received antireetrovirals to lower the risk of transmission of HIV. The transissoin rate of HIV from mother to child is estimated to be less than 10% coming from a baseline of 25%.